Double Cylinder Iron Worker
General features
• Cut in five different stations to reduce cost, energy, and job loss.
• It is manufactured from welded and welded steel stem with static and dynamic rigidity to ensure long service life and maximum productivity.
• These models operated by double cylinder and double foot pedal. The punch side and the combined side can operate at the same time or independently of each other.
• High and precious safety ensured against accidents that may occur during use with safety cage systems in the existing five cutting stations.

• Easy Replaceable Punch Holder
• Punch & Tool
• Angle Cutting Blade
• Flat Bar Cutting Blade
• Notching Blade
• Solid Bar Cutting Blade
• 1000mm Electrical Back Gauge
• Foot Pedal with Emergency Stop Button
• Hook Wrenche

• Bending Tool (SET)
• IPN (NPI), UPN (NPU), T Profile Section Blade
• 90O Special V Notching Blade
• Bottom Blade Connection Fixture for
90O Special V Notching Blade Bottom
• T - NPU - NPI Section Punching Die Fixture
• Special Punch & Tool Options